Hello, #inSHAPERS! Did you know that your favourite pasta can tell a lot about your personality and finances?

Just choose 1 of the three pasta shapes above and read the meaning below:

A. You are in shape. In the shape of a couch potato:) Start exercising more.

B. You are always procrastinating about working out. It so difficult to embark on such a strict routine as sports is — this is your favourite saying…

C. You are a shark when it comes about your health and your money.

However, there’s good news for everyone:

As early investors in our project, you’ll get 1-year free access to the Premium version of the inSHAPE App and get your workouts rewarded to up to 3,000 SHAPE tokens/month.

How does that sound?

See more here: https://inshape.app




inSHAPE is a unique app that uses blockchain technology to reward crypto enthusiasts who workout