2 min readFeb 12, 2022

During the Private Sale Rounds, inSHAPE is looking for irritating investors

inSHAPE .app is looking for irritating investors who:

- Don’t take us for granted, check everything that’s written on our website: and ply us with questions about the project. That’s probably the reason why Telegram was invented:

- Know what D.Y.O.R. stands for… (You’re right, it is not THAT cosmetics brand…)

- Are patient enough as to attentively read the whole inSHAPE Whitepaper: It is not easy-peasy, we know it, but it is mandatory if one really wants to understand why this project is unique in the world.

- Are patient enough as to check all the details about our small, but passionate team: We are working hard, day by day, to develop this project and turn our dream into reality.

- Don’t expect a 10,000-fold increase in value during the first week after SHAPE token’s listing…

- Because they know this is a long-term project, not a shitcoin.

- Don’t want to sell their SHAPE tokens for a double or triple price on the first day of the Public Sale Round…

- … And understand the mechanism by which our SHAPE token is likely to appreciate over time.

  • As for us, we know InSHAPE .app needs you. You don’t need inSHAPE .app. inSHAPE .app never forgets this.


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inSHAPE is a unique app that uses blockchain technology to reward crypto enthusiasts who workout