inSHAPE App Launched $1,500,000 SHAPE Tokens Bounty Campaign

2 min readNov 23, 2021

inSHAPE, the first app that uses blockchain technology to reward your workouts, launched on 11/25/2021 a Bounty program to incentivize community members, while starting its Private Sale Stages at the same time.

Exciting Bounty program

Participants are required to complete a number of tasks in order to be eligible for SHAPE Token rewards. Some of the activities include sharing posts on inSHAPEs social media platforms and creating articles and videos promoting its ecosystem.

inSHAPE has allocated 15,000,000 SHAPE ($1,500,000) tokens, 100% unlocked at TGE, as rewards for its Bounty program, expected to last for two months. By activities we mean strong social media referrals for our network with/on:

• Articles

• Videos

• Twitter

• Telegram

• Facebook

• LinkedIn

The results of the users’ social media activity related to will be rewarded with SHAPE tokens accordingly to their reach and SM impressions.

The first phase of the Bounty began on 11/25/2021 and will finish on 01/21/2022. The users have 8 weeks to participate in the activities and earn rewards.

All reward tokens will be allocated to your Tokeneed UID wallet within 8 weeks at the end of the inSHAPE Bounty Program.

Do you want to fatten your crypto wallet? Find out more about our Bounty here and begin to complete your tasks in order to be eligible for rewards.

A fast-growing ecosystem

inSHAPE is the first app that uses blockchain technology to reward your workouts. Created through Proof of Workout Blockchain, the SHAPE token can be earned by wearing a smart watch while you walk or exercise, via auto-tracking your everyday activity.

Only 300M of tokens will be mined for promotion purposes. Later on, only the miners will be able to mine further amounts.




inSHAPE is a unique app that uses blockchain technology to reward crypto enthusiasts who workout