The First Round of inSHAPE App Pre-seed Token Sale has now started. Buy SHAPE tokens at 70% off!

3 min readDec 1, 2021

We created SHAPE, the people’s crypto

The time is here! The First Round of inSHAPE App Pre-seed Token Sale has now started on This Pre-Seed round will be open for a maximum of 45 days or until all the tokens are sold, whichever comes first.

We created the people’s cryptocurrency, one that gives equal opportunities to those who believe in our project, therefore the maximum amount that can be invested in this round is $1,000/wallet. The sale will work on a first-come, first-served basis.

It is an exceptional moment because now you have the chance to buy tokens at 70% off ($0.03/token).


Tokens will be distributed shortly after the Pre-seed 1 round ends. Any unsold tokens will be carried forward and sold in the Pre-seed 2, Seed and Private funding rounds.

We do it this way because only 300 million of SHAPE tokens will be mined for promotion purposes.

Later on, only the miners will be able to mine further amounts.

Pre-seed 1:

· Time: 1 Dec 2021–14 Jan 2022

· Amount: 9,000,000

· Price: $0.03

Pre-seed 2:

· Time: TBD

· Amount: 15,000,000

· Price: $0.04


· Time: TBD

· Amount: 26,400,000

· Price: $0.05

Private sale A:

· Time: TBD

· Amount: 72,600,000

· Price: $0.06

Private sale B:

· Time: TBD

· Amount: 81,000,000

· Price: $0.08

Public sale:

· Time: TBD

· Amount: 30,000,000

· Price: $0.10

How do SHAPE Tokens get their value?

The value of a SHAPE Token will be $0.10 upon listing. We believe that this value will appreciate in a relatively short period of time due to our partners’ offers quality and to the marketing model chosen by us.

How could this happen?

Let’s talk about the structure of our partnerships first.

Our targeted partners are companies willing to encourage their customers’ healthy lifestyle. They are active in the area of quality goods and services in various fields of activity including: hotels & travel, health insurance, shopping from sporting goods to tech gadgets, online courses, quality clothing and footwear etc.

In the long term, we aim to work with local and central authorities in states that want to encourage healthier lives for their citizens.

Secondly, the way goods and services will be marketed on the inSHAPE App marketplace will encourage users to hold their SHAPE tokens for future purchases. This way their value will go up.

The prices of products and services sold on the marketplace will be having 2 components: a quote in USD or the domestic currency and a quote in SHAPE Tokens.

Why become an early inSHAPE investor?

By purchasing SHAPE Tokens on Pre-seed, Seed & Private sale phases of the Token sale, the contributor gets the following:

· SHAPE Tokens at a price that is way lower than the potential market price after the token sale and listings.

· Early access to the inSHAPE App for beta tests

· The opportunity to participate in community discussions in order to further improve the platform

· The app has the potential to grow a large audience over a short period of time, and that will stimulate token value.

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inSHAPE is a unique app that uses blockchain technology to reward crypto enthusiasts who workout